Roger Milad

Roger Milad

Roger Milad

Founder, CEO

Roger is an accomplished entrepreneur, private equity investor, and the esteemed owner and founder of Milad Brands. With over 26 years of experience in the food industry, including his notable tenure with A&W Foods, Roger brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his leadership role.

Throughout his career, Roger has demonstrated a keen understanding of the ever-evolving business landscape, leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit to identify and seize strategic opportunities. As an active private equity investor, he has successfully acquired and invested in a diverse range of ventures, including niche content websites that have become integral parts of Milad Brands.

Under Roger's visionary guidance, Milad Brands has flourished, becoming an international and culturally diversified company with a portfolio spanning various industries. From the Ecommerce division, which offers specialized, high-quality content tailored to specific interests, to the Luxury Travel division, which curates unforgettable experiences, Milad Brands has made its mark as a purveyor of excellence and innovation.

Driven by Roger's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products and services, Milad Brands has become synonymous with quality, value, and customer satisfaction. His strategic investment approach, combined with his extensive industry knowledge, allows Milad Brands to thrive in a competitive market and create lasting value for its stakeholders.

With a focus on responsible and sustainable practices, Roger ensures that Milad Brands not only delivers outstanding results but also contributes positively to the communities it serves. His dedication to social responsibility aligns with the company's core values, fostering a culture of integrity, excellence, and community support.

As Milad Brands continues to expand its footprint and explore new opportunities, Roger Milad remains at the forefront, driving innovation, forging strategic partnerships, and shaping the future of the company. His passion for entrepreneurship, combined with his unwavering commitment to excellence, sets the foundation for Milad Brands' continued success in delivering exceptional experiences across its diverse divisions.